There are cassificos where small groups of tourists may participate in the cheese-making process (stirring the milk, separating the curds from the whey, etc.). At the end of the tour, members of the group may put their initials on the top of the cheese and some months later the cheese-maker will send the group their cheese.

We will take you to casseificos in Lessinia and in Monte Baldo.
In the small village of Velo, in Lessinia, on the north of Verona, ‘Viaverde’ will receive you in a place where you rediscover the taste of good things, the mild and natural wellness and a nature full of tradition.

A wise and refined cooking will lead you among the flavours and the frangrances of this land, together with their home-made cheeses and salamis. All this in a warm and homely atmosphere. Here natural and intense flavours of the typical products of these valleys, as cheeses and salamis, are available for anyone who would bring with himself a bit of Lessinia.
This is the first real turistic professional structure in the whole Lessinia. With its charme, it was born from an important restore done in the fully respect of existing architecture. This is an unfailing destination for people who loves nature and cooking and would taste the color of a real and traditional place, in an increasing exciting of flavours and fragrances, attended by a selection of the best local and national wines.

‘La Casara’ is a family-run Cheese Factory dating back to the 1920s in Roncà, a village North-East of Verona. ‘La Casara’ continues to maintain older recipes whilst creating new and interesting cheese varieties that follow the art of dairy production maturation and ripening. They care about every single feature in the art of production, resulting in the unique and incomparable distinctive taste of authenticity. For the production they use cow, goat and sheep milk. Some of ‘La Casara’s’ cheeses, for example Malga Monte Veronese are made from alpine cow’s milk grazed in high altitude pastures. ‘La Casara’ is not just a dairy. Historically it has many years of experience breeding livestock and operating as a fine delicatesent. This traditional artisan family company also offer a selected range of cold cuts. During the processing of the livestock only the best parts of the pig such as thigh, shoulder and loin are used. As always the cuts are processed and bound by hand transferring the characteristics of this craftsmanship to the product. All products are then refined and matured in cellars where they acquire the characteristic scent which determines their true genuineness. Also ‘La Casara’ selection can be ordered and delivered on demand. They deliver by courier to Europe and United Kingdom mainland addresses.

Selected milk:
The fresh milk collection is a daily ritual in all seasons. Herding cattle up the side of a mountain might seem like a lot of extra work, but for thousands of years, people have hauled their cows into the Alps to graze during the summer months. Why? It's all about great-tasting cheese. Where cows live changes what they eat — and that difference is detectable in the cheese made from their milk. "In the mountain areas, the cows are free to pasture". They mostly eat a mix of fresh grasses and other vegetation. Cattle raised at lower elevations or in winter time in Italy are kept in farms and eat a prepared feed that contains dried grasses and vitamins. In places like Italy, some traditional cheeses, like Malga Novezza or Monte Veronese DOP di Malga, can only be made with milk from mountainside-munching cows. This is the reason for often being referred to as "the yellows". There's also evidence that mountain cheese might even be a little healthier, containing more omega-3 fatty acids than cheese made from the milk of cattle raised on the plains.


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